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About Maestoso

     From the time I was very young I loved horses as well as dogs. I was lucky enough to have a riding instructer from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna Austria, where the horses they breed and use are the great white Lipizzans.

To a kid of my age, the history of the breed and the story of the hardships the School endured during World War II was very impressive.

Since I had great admiration for the ethics of their breeding program, as well as the beauty of the horses, I thought I'd like to use the name of one of their foundation sires as a constant reminder to always do my best for my animals and my breed.

After some dialog with both my teacher, Ervin Lustig and the head of the Spanish Riding School, Alois Podhajsky, I chose Maestoso since they both felt it was the branch of the "family" they liked the best.

I still feel the same way. The name Maestoso continues to remind me to "keep the faith" with my original desire to do my best. Guess I'm still a kid in that respect.

There were other breeds which were using the Maestoso prefix. AKC changed the rules to register the prefix for each individual breed. In July, 2005, Mildred Bartlett and Terry Tate applied to register the Maestoso prefix with the American Kennel Club.  That request was granted in November, 2005.

Mildred is a member of PCA and subscribes to the PCA Code of Ethics.

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